How to Donate To the Bucyrus Legacy Fund of Projects, Inc.

We invite you to help leave a lasting legacy on our very special community. You can be a part of the legacy by: 

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Projects, Inc., a 501(c)3, is support organization of the Community Foundation of Crawford County that manages and develops projects within the Crawford County community.

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Legacy Projects

Norton Bicentennial Multi-Generational Greenspace (Trail Head)

This proposed multi-generational greenspace will be located just north of the Sandusky River on the east side of Sandusky Avenue. The restoration of this area, located partially within a federally-mandated flood plain, will undoubtedly beautify and revitalize the designated area and its surroundings. And this greenspace will be designed with natural flood mitigation in mind--through specific plantings selected for erosion control and measures to mitigate polluted runoff into the Sandusky River.

This beautiful, healthy-living greenspace, will be highly visible from the heavily trafficked North Sandusky Avenue.

This revitalized area will serve as the trail head for a future bicycle/walk path connecting Sandusky Avenue to Harmon Field and the BAY Soccer fields--essentially an enhanced extension of Harmon Park.

In addition to native and erosion-control plantings, the Norton Bicentennial Greenspace will offer multi-generational amenities.

Proposed amenities include, but are not limited to: a resting area, a dog park, walking paths, gardens, living laboratories for science enthusiasts of all ages, a shaded pavilion, and playground equipment.

As a tribute to the Norton Family legacy, the project will also move the existing Norton Monument to the new greenspace area. Currently, the Norton Monument  (currently located on the southwest side of the Sandusky River) is fairly obscured.

Due to its strategic location, this inviting Norton Bicentennial Greenspace will entice those headed to the lake to first make a stop in Bucyrus and explore what our amazing community has to offer.

Park Improvements

Bucyrus is fortunate to have a great park system that has entertained, served as a healthy outlet, and functioned as community asset for for many generations. These parks house many community amenities, including: a swimming pool, baseball and softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, playscapes, Frisbee golf, and much more. It’s time to update and upgrade.

True Meridian Marker and Time Capsule

In 1884, a Prime Meridian marker was placed in Oakwood Cemetery. Its composition is of sandstone and has deteriorated significantly. By restoring and preserving the current marker (not moving it) with a durable stone, we will ensure the marker will last until 3021 when the new time capsule will be opened.

Bicentennial Archways

To commemorate the Bucyrus Bicentennial, 1821-2021, the “Bicentennial” Arches will be built. One will be located just north of the Sandusky River, and the other will be located just south of Charles Street. The effect will be to highlight or bookend the Norton Family, Bucyrus’s founders.

Brick Pavers

This will offer the opportunity to support the Legacy projects to everyone.

Welcome to Bucyrus Signage

Create and maintain uniform signage at all the many entrance points to Bucyrus.


The Bicentennial Website will continue to be maintained to keep the community updated on the progress of Legacy projects, promote Bucyrus’s past, as well as the Historical Society and the Preservation Society.

*Legacy projects could change due to funding shortages

If you would rather donate by check, please make your check payable to

“Projects, Inc.”

In the Memo/For line, write “Bucyrus Legacy Fund of Projects, Inc.”

Then, simply mail your donation to 254 E. Mansfield Street, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820.