Johnny Appleseed Ceremony & Birthday Celebration at Flannel Fest

September 25, 2021
1:00 - 2:00 pm for a special ceremony on both September 25th and 26th

Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

Johnny’s birthday celebration will take place at The Pickwick Place’s second weekend of their annual Flannel Fest (September 25- 26).

During this fun-filled weekend, Johnny Appleseed’s legacy will be celebrated from a local point-of-view. The Bucyrus Bicentennial Commission will highlight Johnny’s impact on both the Midwest–and Bucyrus in particular. 

Johnny Appleseed Commemoration Ceremony (1:00 pm, September 25th and 26th)

NOTE:  If you will only be attending the Johnny Appleseed ceremony, you will not need to register in advance for a free Eventbrite ticket. 

At 1:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, there will be a special ceremony featuring several speakers and guests who have a special connection to Johnny Appleseed.

  • One of the speakers on Saturday (only) will include a representative from the Johnny Appleseed Foundation.
  • On Sunday, the ceremony will have a greater emphasis on Johnny Appleseed’s legacy from a religious perspective.

Johnny Appleseed is a part of Bucyrus History!

Or, go to and look under the heading, “Community Connections”

Pickwick’s Flannel Fest:  Their General Activities (11:00-4:00 pm, September 25th and 26th)

NOTE:  To help The Pickwick Place monitor how many people are participating in general activities while visiting their property, you will need to register for a (free) Eventbrite Ticket (online via Pickwick’s website) to reserve a particular time slot for your activities.  

In addition, you can purchase an $8.00 wristband on-site in order to participate in the following Flannel Fest Activities  (e.g., Corn Maze, Hillbilly Treadmill, One Pumpkin Slingshot, One Apple Cannon Shot, and Hillbilly Basketball).

During the second weekend of Flannel Fest (September 25-26), we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed and his birthday. There will be:

  • A variety of activities for children and the young-at-heart, including an apple cannon and a corn maze featuring fun facts about Johnny Appleseed and his connection to Bucyrus.
  • A wide assortment of food and drinks for sale, including apple cider slushies and apple cider doughnuts.  Apples can also be picked from Pickwick’s on-site orchard or apples can also be purchased directly in The Market.
  • The Bucyrus Bicentennial booth selling a variety of items, including Johnny Appleseed potholders and magnets, special mugs, and  Bicentennial-branded apple butter.

Johnny Appleseed was born on September 26, 1774, so September 26th is celebrated as National Johnny Appleseed Day.